Wednesday 10 January 2018
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Transdermal Application of Magnesium
Recent research has proven that the transdermal application of magnesium has several significant health benefits. It’s official, magnesium can successfully penetrate the skin, the beneficial effects and speed of penetration are increased in fur or hair covered mammals. Very good news for those of us who rely on magnesium for the health and relaxation of our pets and horses!Spray Calming

Dead Sea therapy and mineral spas are two of the oldest forms of treatment for relaxation, skin disease and chronic back pain, plus inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. The benefits are thought to be mostly attributable to the magnesium content of the mineral rich water, though one of the most ancient of therapies it has only recently been successfully proven that magnesium be absorbed through the skin.

Research done at the School of Bioscience at Birmingham University showed an increase in blood magnesium after bathing or soaking, the excess was processed by the liver and excreted, the research also indicated that magnesium was retained by the body for future use.

Further research undertaken by the Biotechnology Department at Queensland University found that magnesium travelled by three different routes across the skin, the researchers also found that the higher the concentration, the faster the delivery. This extensive research project also developed a novel method to prove that magnesium travels faster through hair follicles and increases when used over a period of time, allowing for frequent applications for the best results. Once over the skin barrier there is no hindrance for magnesium to be transported to where it is needed most, for skin, muscle and local tissue healing.

Spraying on a magnesium oil causes metabolic and physiological changes to the third level of the skin, increasing the renewal time of the ketatinocytes, interacting with the innate immune system, useful for horses with inflammation and pain, leaving skin and hair soft hydrated and shiny. Transdermal application of magnesium can be used on tense or sore muscles to aid relaxation, recovery and to prevent the build- up of lactic acid.

The benefit of spraying magnesium rather than feeding it is that it bypasses the digestion process, some animals are thought to only absorb around 50% of ingested magnesium. Some animals have diarrhoea if fed magnesium to the levels required to gain a result in relaxation/calming.
Dr. Carol Hughes

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