Instamag Range

Freestepsuperfix is the sole distributor of a range of unique products developed by a specialist Life Science company (Phytorigins) situated in Caernarfon, North Wales, an area which is rapidly developing as centre of excellence for Bioscience particularly in the use of plant chemicals as medicine.

Recently Edwina Hart, the Welsh Government Trade and Business Minister  made 100 million pounds available for specific research projects which lead to cutting edge scientific product/technology development and the equine market has been the first to benefit.

For 4 years the dietary content of freely grazing welsh mountain ponies has been analysed and many unique compounds have been identified as having significant medicinal properties with relevance to obesity control, laminitis and gut microbial bacteria populations.

Whilst the anti oxidant capabilities of vitamins c and e are quite well understood, knowledge of plant anti oxidants is in its infancy in many respects particularly with regard to indigenous plant species known to attract horses such as gorse, holly, silver birch and blackberry.

With the WAG funding, Phytorigins is able to collaborate with the world renown chemistry department at Bangor University and IBERS at Aberystwyth to develop plant compounds for either medicines (antibiotics and sedatives) or functional foods to help prevent and combat some of the most chronic disease states such as laminitis, EMS, EGUS and Cushings.

At the moment it is a global leader in the production, development and research of sustainable UK plant compounds to combat obesity in the equine and companion animal market producing either daily supplements or ingredients to be included in the daily ration and described as functional foods. The compounds aid in weight control and normal insulin/glucose levels and also work to control the systemic inflammation which can be a consequence of obesity leading to many other disease states.

There is a growing trend towards sustainability and traceability of compounds and Phytorigins have plans in progress to grow their own medicinal crops alongside others already established such as the daffodils grown for Alzheimer medicine galanthamine in the Brecon Beacons and have exclusive extraction and scale up labs based in Wales.

Growth in the nutraceutical industry is being driven by the enhanced efficiency of ingredients, which offer products with bio-therapeutic properties. The global market for nutraceuticals is projected to reach US$ 250 billion with the animal market forecast to reach US$ 50 billion driven by innovative research and unique compounds with health enhancing properties.’

Paradise Paddock

Superfix Freestep strongly recommends the use of a paradise paddock grazing system for ponies with low grade laminitis

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A fast acting comforter for sore joints, muscle stiffness and feet.  Great as a joint supplement and for veteran horses. increasing sparkle and freedom.

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Instamag Calming

InstaMag for instant calming magnesium magic. Spray on mist for the quickest possible result, faster because it does not need to be fed and then absorbed through the gut. This product is sprayed onto the neck/ears to be absorbed through the skin for a fast delivery to the brain.

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