20 February 2020

Get your FREESTEP Cresty neck Scoresheet with our compliments.

10 February 2018
GS Multiminerals

Let’s face it some horses (to put it politely) are hungry all the time and will do ANYTHING for food, break down fences, let themselves into feed rooms and jump into the greener field next door.

7 October 2017
Paradise Paddock

Freestep strongly recommends the use of a paradise paddock grazing system for ponies with low grade laminitis, EMS or IR.

12 July 2016

Why plant based phytotherapy/medicine cannot be proven by current scientific methods meaning a list of references and peer based reviews from scientific journals is unlikely in our times.

11 November 2014

Is it possible to manage EMS without a prescription for metformin and prevent or avoid the onset of endocrinopathic laminitis?

5 November 2014

Leptin is a hormone and signalling chemical that originates and is released from adipose tissue.

13 April 2012

Ten Tips for the pasture management of horses prone to laminitis.